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My name is Kuba. I was born in 1979 in communist state of Poland. I don't really remember much of those communist times except that some foods where in shortage and on allowance from the government but we always had pretty much what we needed for our diet - and it was I think healthy. Although maybe there were some nutrients missing I ate what my mum gave me and it was good food. In 1989 it all collapsed and then Poland opened to Western world. This is when things changed. More variety of goods started coming to the country and with years people's eating habits changed. 

I was pretty much healthy kid always although I had issues with my sinus, I went through few bronchitis and one pneumonia, took quite a  lot of antibiotics and always had some slight inflammation on my body. With age it got stronger and stronger but obviously it has never been associated with underling liver issues. 20 or 10 years back no doctor would even think about this. 

In 2006 I came to live permanently in UK and carried a lot of unhealthy life style, working in the City, etc. It all culminated with me suffering from gallstones and then very difficult and annoying decease which is narrowing of the bile duct - what caused me jaundice.

I had to rely on surgical procedure to treat it. The stent was placed in my bile duct to extend the narrowing. 

However the cause of the narrowing remains unknown and by the time it was all happening I started digging and searching for the information and realized that I must have some underlying gut issue that is creating all these problems. Well at least that's what thought that time. It feels like I always have some small inflammation on my body and things are never 100% OK. If it's not itching, it's cold, sinus infection, coated tongue, too frequent stools, dizziness, etc. So obviously I wanted to join the dots together and find the root cause for all of those ailments but NHS, private medical or even natural, functional medicine didn't really give me answers and solutions that would heal me.  

While searching for info I came across functional medicine and naturopathy. This is a type of new approach to the medicine practiced by some doctors and nutritionist that look holistically at human body and organism and apply personalized healing. Functional medicine and naturopathic professionals look at nutritional deficiencies, natural remedies, life style, exercise and supplements, acupuncture and other natural healing technics to address the underlying cause of your decease. Where conventional medicine tells you that you have incurable, life long condition and you can only mask the symptoms by taking more drugs and continue on your unhealthy life style, functional medicine and naturopath people will turn it around and suggest more gentle ways of healing.  They are more successful in detecting real issues like food intolerance, fungus, parasites, nutritional deficiencies, toxins, etc - things that are most of the time responsible for your mysterious illnesses, like autoimmune. The chances are that you know at least one person in your life that suffers from cancer, Alzheimer, diabetesthyroid or other chronic conditions. Traditional medicine and pharma don't really have answers nor cures for all the modern diseases. To the contrary they actually want those illnesses to continue as the more people contract them the more money can be made on selling useless drugs. I don't believe that with all the science and technology we have these days we still don't have cures for those plagues affecting us humanity wide. In fact we have medicines for all of those and we have had them since the beginning of times but they have been suppressed by the corporate greed and not really caring for human beings. Those medicines have been forgotten and maybe are considered as a thing of quackery because now we have pills that will just fix it all quickly (but at what expense?). The truth is you will pay with your health for taking those modern drugs.

However even functional medicine and naturopathy sometimes doesn't have the answers, doesn't go deep enough to find the root cause and most of the time follows some fad diets and false scientific evidence. Like in my case I was told by natural healers too that my condition is not curable. 

That is why I decided to create this website to gather the information about the natural ways of getting your health back and put it in one focal point where you can find and choose the best options and people to work with and declutter the whole thing a bit.

At this point in time there is only one answer. In my humble opinion it is coming from above and it quiets all the noise surrounding natural healing and medicine in general. Doctors are not to be blamed. It is the system that educates them and doesn't teach the right kind of information. And even if you don't have specific condition by reading information from my website you may realize that you have certain symptoms and signs that may lead to more serious problem in the future. If that's the case don't ignore it like I did and ended up in hospital for 3 month. It is better to prevent than cure when the illness is already developed. 

Advanced medical information spread by people like Anthony William is the future of healthcare as we are becoming the most unhealthy we've ever been in human history even though we spend record high money on medications. Even though I think there is only one right advice on true healing I add the info about different natural disciplines of healing to my website so you can make informative choice. Nature gives us all we need to heal and our organisms are self-repairable. We are not created to be healed by chemicals. It is just the question of when the truth and correct information will get into GP nurseries and hospitals. It may take quite few years...

So enjoy reading the Press and News section of my website and contact me if you need any more advice or have any questions. 

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