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IFM - Institute of Functional Medicine

First things first with FM

Institute of functional medicine website of the best place to start if you are new to the whole functional medicine concept. There is a lot of information on their website about the history of the discipline, education if you wanted to become FM professional or news and research.

One of the most useful sections is 'Find a Practitioner' where you can search for FM nutritionists, practitioners and doctors in your country and area you live. Unfortunately you probably won't find professionals in each country like I couldn't find anything in my native Poland. The biggest concentration of FM professionals is in US. This is where functional medicine is really well developed. There are quite a lot of people in UK and I am not sure about other countries - you will need to check yourself.

One of the purposes of this website is to popularize FM in UK and other countries. 

Here are the links:

On the sperate note please be aware that functional medicne belives that all sickness and immune system is located in the gut. This is misconception and just modern medical trend that is wrong and doesn't help people to heal as it sends them on the oppsite direction. 

I am adding Functioanl Medicine here however as it has lot to offer for the sick people. However when working with FM professional familiarize yourself first with information from Medical Medium - Anthony William. 

Jonathan Otto

On the mission to spread the hope

Jonathan Otto is one of the most eager supporters of functional medicine. From his young age he has been actively working to help people who are less privileged, living in poverty and whose stories need to be heard. He is predominately a filmmaker, investigative journalist and humanitarian. He has been helping people in Africa, setting up many missions and charities

More on Jonathan and his work can be found here:

In the field of functional medicine has has created 2 major documentaries. Depression, anxiety and dementia series that discovers the connection between gut issues and Alzheimer decease, depression and anxiety - more details on this can be found here. I think you can still register to view it for free: 

He has also created most recent docu-series called 'Autoimmune Secrets' on how to reverse autoimmune conditions using diet, lifestyle and natural remedies. The only flaw with the series is that it is based on the same, old concept that body attacks itself which is obviously not true - (for real explanation of autoimmune conditions and methods to heal head to Medical Medium literature - Anthony William - 'Liver Rescue', 'Cleanse to Heal' and numerous MM podcasts and live talks). The series however offers certain amount of good advise that you can benefit from when dealing with autoimmune. He also offers 91% discount to buy the package that includes all the episodes, transcripts, Q&As with FM doctors and nutritionists, as well as courses including diets, detox, gut repair - all created by FM certified doctors. The 'Autoimmune Secrets' replays can be found under those URLs: 







You can also buy the series from there. 

I would also recommend watching Jonathan's interview with dr. Peter Kan - This is very good interview going deep into many gut health issues. Dr. Peter Kan is described here below. The interview is available here: . On this URL you can click on banners below the video that will link you to Well of Life website. This website contains supplementation and natural medicine products for gut repair and detox. However with detox I would advise to follow Medical Medium again and his cleanses from 'Cleanse to Heal'. 

I am not 100% sure but I think Well of Life is also run by Jonathan. The products offered on the website are recommended by dr. Peter Kan. He says they have great impact because they contain multiple ingredients in one formula.

Jonathan Otto in my opinion is trusted and believable  source of info on FM as he himself went through the horrors of supporting his wife Lori when she suffered from autoimmune decease, depression and anxiety. They both claim they cured Lori from all of this without any pharmaceutical medications. They used the formulas and products that they now promote via Well of Life as well as diet and change of lifestyle. 


Call to honor, preserve, and protect the ancient knowledge and healing technologies of the ancient world

Remedy is about herbalism. Directed by Nick Polizzi who has spent his career directing and editing feature length documentaries about natural alternatives to conventional medicine. He is also director of “The Sacred Science”.

Remedy is excellent addition to and integral part of functional medicine library. 

Nick Polizzi travels the world and interviews multiple naturalists, doctors and herbalists about healing properties of various plants and their great power in healing what conventional medicine calls chronic decease. 

Some of them are growing sometimes at your door step and you would be surprised how much positive impact they may have on your health. 

As usual link between gut health and all chronic conditions is shown and emphasized here. 

Nick Polizzi used herbal and supplemental medicines as well diet to cure his kids and himself from chronic illnesses so he has gone through the experience himself and he knows what he is talking about. 

You can still register to watch the series here: however I am not sure if it is still available for free. 

Useful source of info on 20 most popular herbs can be found here


I am sure that after reading the info above you would like to know details of some FM professionals - doctors and nutritionists. Let's present some of them below and then I will come back to documentaries again later.

US based professionals


Dr. Jay Davidson is one of the first doctors that I found that opened my eyes for functional medicine when I found his talk on parasites. This gave me an idea that this might be what is causing my bile duct narrowing. At the time of writing this paragraph I am in the process of finding this out so I will let you know later on if this was the case.

Dr. Davidson is incredible personality and endless source of knowledge on making your health incredibly strong in natural way.

He has fought the battle himself when his wife suffered from all sort of autoimmune conditions, lyme decease and depression. He has found the way to fight all of this so as his patient you can be sure his protocols will not fail. Here is his website: 

He works with the team of other doctors that offer the same healing protocol as him - all based on functional medicine approach. I personally had 30 min conversation with one of his team doctors. I was finding out about their programs as I was looking for FM professional to work with. Eventually I found someone in UK however.

If you send dr.Davdison facebook message you will receive automated message from where you will be able to sign up for his alerts and newsletter via facebook messenger. I am enrolled in this myself and it is very useful information on various FM topics and events.

If you want to work with dr.Davidson on your health issues, he offers two options: At Home program that includes series of videos and other resources that will help you figure out your disease and fix it and One-on-One coaching where you will just work with one of dr.Davidon's team doctors or himself. The prices vary for both options but you can check it on the above website. Both option include discounts on supplements and remedies. 

Some of the very useful resources from dr.Jay Davidson:

On parasites:

The best formula for removing parasites dr. Davdson recommends:

His top resources:

Recent (July 2019) event dr. Davidosn organised on retroviruses:

On bartonlla:

Lyme disease:

Hormones unbalance, chronic illness and drainage:

Information on various aspects of health and disease - videos, channels, membership: - this is very useful website with lots of free videos from experts on various FM topics. 


Dr. Peter Kan is another great FM professional. I came across him while watching Jonathan Otto's documentaries. He was featured in many series and interviewed by Jonathan few times. He combines functional neurology with functional medicine. This is his wellness center website:

He has gone through personal experience with his family members suffering from various incurable illnesses and he beat them. He has great spectrum of methods and tools he uses to apply to certain conditions. His website sells a lot of products that he created that are used with his healing methods: .

He runs blog on the website and offers lots of free resource that may help you figure out what's wrong with you and heal.

He has great videos on YouTube on cooking and smoothies recipes:

You can work with him in his clinic or remotely over the Internet.

I could probably use rolls of paper (or website space in this case) to find and give examples of US based FM doctors as FM is very well developed across the pond, However if you watch any of the documentaries mentioned above whether from Jonathan Otto, Interconnected, Remedy or other I will provide below you will see many professionals interviewed in them. These are are just few that I found repeatedly in many series:

dr. stancic.PNG
CaJ Fuhr.PNG

UK based professionals

UK based professionals are not that many as in US but there is still quite large contingent of FM doctors and nutritionists.

Best is to search for someone within your area using IFM 'find a practitioner' website -

I can't recommend anyone at the moment but these are the doctors and nutritionists that I found and spoke to briefly - within my area which is South Surrey/South London. Please read about them below. I don't have much info on them but they all have very good reviews. I think whichever doctor or nutritionist you choose you have to make sure he/she is helpful with your condition and you have good connection with them - as you will be working with him/her for some time. 

  • Helen Williams - FM nutritionist - - she sees patients in Functional Nutrition Clinic. I spoke to Helen and meant to be seen by her but after evaluating my symptoms she asked me to book the appointment with FM doctor. 

  • Lynda Mallinson - FM nutritionist - she runs London Dietitians - - she  is covered by BUPA. I am currently being treated by her and I see very good results and improvement with my symptoms. Lynda is great professional and is able to get you out of many gut related troubles. She is cheaper than functional medicine doctor so if your condition is not that sever and complicated definitely book the appointment with her. She can deal with complicated conditions as well however. She will sketch the full history of your health - be ready to talk about all your experiences with her, not only physical health but anything that may have contributed to your condition - emotional, psychological, etc. She is certified nutritionist so she will obviously set up your diet plan customized to your needs and prescribe supplements based on your specific condition. In my case the process started with comprehensive stool test done by Genova Diagnostic labs. These tests are not cheap but they are worth it as they will identify large percentage of your issues and identify potential causes that are contributing to your illness. However be aware that Lynda believes in the concept that all disease start in the gut which wasn't the issue in my case. Even though she helped me with my gut issues the original problem of bile duct narrowing was still there and I still suffered severe pains because of that. It wasn't until I discovered Anthony William - Medical Medium who made me realize that the problem is my liver that I started healing. 

  • Lynda works very closely with dr.Daniela Mo - - who runs her own clinic. Her consultations are 2 hours. Daniela goes deeper into the issues and spends more time on figuring out the problem that is why she is very busy and appointments with her are booked well in advance. 

  • dr. Haleema Sheikh - -  she works for NHS as well and sees patients in private clinic - Irrefutable Health - it has very good reviews. Her fees are one of the lowest I came across. Perhaps because she is based outside London. London based clinicians are normally more expensive.

  • dr. Suman Gupta - - she runs her own clinic and works for NHS as well. She says she combines functional and conventional medicine. He tests are bit pricey but she works with some US doctors.

  • dr. Andrew Greenland - - he seems very knowledgeable but he doesn't offer 15 minute free discovery conversation while all other doctors and nutritionists do.

  • Shareif Ibrahim - he runs Vitality Clinic - - I spoke to him briefly - he had good suggestions and said he was trained in US. 

  • Melissa Cohen - - FM nutritionist - I spoke to her. She sounds very knowledgeable and she wrote articles in many UK newspapers. She is recommended to work with. 


Sarah Otto and The Gut Solution

All diseases start in the gut

All diseases start in the gut -this is good docu-series created by Sarah Otto and her husband Matt. It goes into the roots and starting point of all aspects of functional medicine which is healing your gut. The series uncovers pretty much all the mysteries and secrets surrounding modern ailments that affect millions of people around the world (especially in Western culture) and explains why gut health is responsible for all of them. From autoimmune through to IBS, SIBO, leaky gut, gut and brain connection, parasites, candida - the series has it all. If you invest in owning the package you will get access to the entire community, doctors advice and ready solutions to heal your GI tract and return to realtive health. If you don't have money to spend to work with FM professional this one of the best solution you can get yourself. However please always refer to Medical Medium books as lot of conditions presented in the series are not caused by gut issues. This is all based on FM old concept that gut health is responsible for all illness. Please remember that it is not and mostly all issues start in the liver and are caused by viruses and pathogenic bacteria. 

Sarah went through repairing her gut issues on her own by using Google - as she says it was painful and long process but she succeeded. This inspired her to film this documentary to spread the good word about toxin free and no chemical healing. 

Here you can watch the trailer and see the cast:

Here are the episodes: - you can still register for free screening - not sure for how long more - so be quick.

You can also download 2 great resources:

Gut Healing Smoothie recipes - only make the ones without fat. 


12 ways to fix your leaky gut - refer to Medical Medium to verify this.

Remember leaky gut is not real condition. MM explains it why. If you gut was truly leaking you would be in emergency room in a matter of minutes. 

Microbiome Labs

Kiran Krishnan has to be mentioned here. He is a prominent persona in functional medicine territory.

He has spent many years in dietary supplement and nutrition market. He spent several years in the fields of molecular medicine and microbiology at the University of Iowa where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Microbiology.

Over the past 10 years Kiran has focused his knowledge and experience to developing unique and effective nutritional products for many well-known brands in the dietary supplement market. Kiran has had several market successes in the dietary supplement and nutrition markets.

Currently he is Research Microbiologist & Chief Science Officer at Microbiome Labs. His latest gut healing supplements may be found here:

Kiran Krishnan

Perfectly Healthy - living to serve

Dr.Leigh Erin Connealy M.D is an exceptional personality and functional health professional. With over 30 years of practice in medicine she offers extra ordinary, deep knowledge and solutions for almost all ailments including cancer. She is passionate about helping patients and finding the root cause of the health issues.

She founded and runs Center for New Medicine - - where all sorts of services are offered from gastrointestinal through skin and beauty to sport related issues. The center is based in Irvine in California and treats the following conditions:

The second initiative started by Dr.Leigh Erin is called: Perfectly Healthy. This stems from the realization that Americans are very unhealthy nation. The project led to Dr.Leigh Erin opening the line of her own supplements. These are all natural supplements created by using the latest in science and purest, organic ingredients -

I am not sure if you can work with Dr.Connealy if you live outside U.S but it's worth asking as she is truly amazing practitioner. Here are the contact details: 


Also recently I watched Q&A session with Dr.Connealy presented by Sarah Otto: - enjoy and have a taste of her abilities.

Dr.Leigh Erin Connealy M.D


Sayer Ji - Regenerate yourself

Sayer Ji is the founder of GreenMedInfo, the world’s largest open-access natural health database.

He is also a reviewer at the International Journal of Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine, the co-founder and CEO of Systome Biomed, a board member of the National Health Federation, and a steering committee member of the Global Non-GMO Foundation.

If you need to research or find out more scientific info about natural healing including good info about regenerating your overhaul health use this huge database: and 

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