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Q: Does this website constitute for medical advise?

A: No. This website is for advisory purposes only. It collects information on various aspects on natural medicine however we can not be responsible for the medical advice given by the medical professionals nor individuals featured on the website.

Q: Can I use information provided on the functionlhealthhub website to figure out my medical condition?

A: Yes - by all means you are free to use information contained on the website to try ad figure out your medical issue.  However we are not responsible if you misdiagnose yourself and cause some harm to your health.

We strongly advise you work with medical professional to find out the best diagnoses and cures.

Q: Can supplements offered on the website replace some dietary requirements?

A: No. The supplements are not the replacement for healthy and balanced diet. Supplements help to balance you organism and health but they are not to replace nutrition that should be derived from your everyday diet.

Please always work with your medical provider on how to take natural medicines and supplements to adjust your diet, nutrition and improve your overhaul health or overcome certain medical condition. 

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