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Anthony William - from Above

I have never met nor heard about any similar person to Anthony William. That's why I decided to create and contribute lone alone page to him. I don't think there is any one in the world like him. Well maybe there is and they are just now known of but I really doubt it.

Anthony is medical medium and it may stun you or put you off or you will think it's a bunch of 'BS' but believe it or not he is being told by the spirit of all medical issues and how to heal them.

I personally wrote to him and got the reply that he doesn't do appointments now. However when he did for last 30 or so years he is able to scan your body and tell you exactly what is the root cause of your problem and how you should heal. He is absolutely loving and compassionate person and all he cares about is the well being of the humanity.

His amount of knowledge on medical topics is incredible and he is far ahead of the current medicine and science on the root causes of all chronic and mystery illnesses. Some things that he says probably won't come to public knowledge and medicine for next 100 or more years.

Please check his website: . From here you can read his blog, know and buy his books, listen to the radio shows or take the The Healing Path FREE Resource course. I also enourge you to sign up to his YouTube channel and Apple podcast. 

He is also the man behind world wide celery juice movement: - have a look and read about the healing properties of the celery juice. 

He has released many books on various medical topics. You can find them on Amazon or

I personally read all his books: 'Medical Medium' (old one and new one), 'Liver Rescue', 'Cleanse to Heal', 'Celery Juice', 'Thyroid Healing' and 'Life Changing Foods' These are all inbredible books and depending on your diagnosed condition you may want to go deeper in certain subjects but I would recommend always to start with 'Liver Rescue'. For my personal condition of bile duct problem it is a gem, incredible and loaded with life saving info. 

I also got this website from his secretary that recommends the natural medicine practitioners that Anthony supports and who use his methods to heal:

I know as well from listening to Anthony's radio shows and facebook lives that he has got good relation with Dr. Chrstiane Nothrup and often recommends her. She forwarded his 'Liver Rescue' book. This is Dr. Christiane's website if you are interested . I listened to few interviews with her and she is very knowledgeable specialist. She has Anthony's recommendation so this must mean a lot.  

In my humble opinion Anthony is the only right kind of medical information in the world at the moment and he provides the real healing for all conditions you may suffer from. 



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