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My healing story started when I bought the first Medical Medium - Anthony William book titled - 'Medical Medium'. After reading only part of this book I realized that I suffer from viral infection and high level of toxicity from heavy metals. Of course I finished reading the book to the end.

But how did I get there? 

My mother probably contracted EBV (Epstein-Barr virus) somehow before I was born or maybe later in her life or I got this virus infection some other way. If she had EBV before I was procreated then I definitely got the virus passed from her while in her womb.

The reason why I think my mother has EBV is because she suffers from thyroid problem, had breast cancer and liver issues and this is all caused by EBV (see Anthony William's book - 'Thyroid Healing' for reference). My father wasn't healthiest neither. He died from sepsis few years ago so he must have suffered from some very bad strain of virus, be it EBV or something else. So I may have gotten something passed from both of my parents if they had it before I was born. 

Either way this viral infection turned my life into hell when I reached the age of 38.

My entire life before I had many signs that my liver is struggling to keep me clean and healthy. These signs (or we rather should call them symptoms) were totally ignored by medical system and then by me as I was made to believe that those symptoms just happen without the reason and I need to live with them. I also didn't really understand what is happening and I thought I just take medication from time to time to get rid of the problem. I couldn't be further from the truth. Since I was in my early teenage years I haven't lived quite healthy life style. As most of the teenagers and then in my twenties and thirties I liked alcohol, smoking from time to time, recreational drugs, fast food and diet based on fat and protein. In addition to that lots of stress, working in corporations - long hours, etc. Perfect cocktail for health disaster. But most of my friends and colleagues were similar to me and no one had similar issue than I.

So what were the early signs that something was wrong?

As far as I remember I've always had respiratory issues. I suffered from pneumonia, bronchitis few times, and sinus pain that was just getting  worse and worse with time. Obviously pneumonia and bronchitis was treated with antibiotics  (penicillin) and sinus pain I had to use to just learn how to live with it and minimize it. Most probably those issues were caused by strep bacteria which is coexisting  with EBV always.

As time went by and I grew older I started having those stomach cramps. As I remember this was mostly  happening after eating too much fat. It was a pain in the lower part of my abdomen and made me seat on the toilet until very smelly discharge came out of me. 

This wasn't happening very often and I never went to the doctor with it. I was also very young that time so didn't even bother thinking this might be an issue with my liver. It was probably early 90th when this started happening so in those times medicine would never join dots and start digging deeper. Well as it happens now anyway.

When I was at my uni age so early twenties - I started having occasional cold sores and first bile duct issues. Sometimes (not very often though - maybe once or twice a year) I was getting really hot and had difficulty breathing. This lasted maybe 5 to 10 mins or so max and then I was back to normal. One of those attacks however when I was on very crowded bus lasted almost 40 minutes. 

I was tough however and again didn't think of going with it to the doctor.

When I moved to UK in my late twenties then the issues started to intensify. My first real bile duct pain happened one night after I've eaten a dish with lots of olive oil and had couple of beers with it. That night was really painful. I didn't sleep all night and tried drinking milk as I heard somewhere this is soothing for the digestion issues. This obviously just made the things worse. The pain was around my lower chest in the liver and gall bladder area as well as the spleen. It felt like someone is tightening the rope around my middle body and again I had difficulty breathing. The pain stopped in early morning hours and I attributed it to food poisoning.

As time went by in UK I started having more issues, especially itching in my anus area and genitals. It was coming and going and actually moving around my body. Sometimes elbows itched, other times my hand fingers and knuckles, the skin started cracking and sometimes it was itching on my head. I thought it's maybe my hygiene is not quite right. So this time I went to the doctor who told that it might be hygiene related and checked my anus and said it is little inflamed. I advised to keep it clean and see how it goes.

I suffered with this for another 6 month at least as the itching was intermittent but sometimes really annoying. After 6 month or so I went to the doctor again and he diagnosed it as fungal infection. I didn't even asked him where the infection comes from and he didn't explain neither. He prescribed me some steroid ointment that helped after a week or so and the itching stopped but sometimes it was coming back very mildly.

After that I started having more liver/bile duct attacks/pains (mainly after eating fatty and high protein for some time) and also couple of times I had very bad rash on my shins that doctors diagnosed as folliculitis. The inflammation of the hair follicles that again was not explained to me in its root cause and treated with further steroid and antibiotics. 

After one of the liver/bile duct pain attacks I went to the doctor again and was told this is just bad heartburn and I was prescribed some tablets to alleviate and correct it. I took the tablets for some time and thought they helped as I didn't have attack for some longer period of time.

In the meantime I become vegan so I then thought this will definitely alleviate my issues. I couldn't be further from the true. Even on vegan diet I was still eating lots of fat and protein and bad type of sugar.

Next came bloating. Very bad bloating, very smelly and frequent. I attributed this to eating mostly plant based diet that has lots of fiber. So I thought my body just adjusts to new diet. Well it was taking over a year and it was still not adjusted. But sometimes it was less so I thought this is not a problem.

At the same time I developed lots of itching all over my body and some skin rashes - especially between my fingers and toes and on the elbows. Also big coloured patch appeared on my left shoulder.  I went to dermatologist with it and she said it's due to sun exposure. Instead she noticed some mole on my back that she recommended to to cut out explaining this might turn cancerous. I didn't do it.

Itching was literally moving around my body - sometimes on my hands and elbows, sometimes on my head, my chest, neck and shins. It was always somewhere with short periods of subsiding. 

One weekend my wife cooked this vegan chicken made from seitan. This is gluten full protein from wheat which obviously contains hidden fat.

Ohh my days - what happened in the night was the greatest pain in my bile duct area I have experienced so far in my life. I literally cried from pain. No pain killer was helping. I went to hospital to A&E. I waited in the queue for good 2 hours. Then I was seen my nurse who did my cardiac test and confirmed no heart issues here. I was then seen by doctor and was told it must be very bad heartburn. No liver tests were done on me. The doctor prescribed very strong pain killer and said to watch the diet. 

I went to buy this pain killer in the hospital's pharmacy where queue was very long too. By this time the pain intensified to the point where I had to literally lay down on the floor and close my eyes while waiting to be called. People kept asking if I need any help but I could barely answer as the pain was literally disabling me from doing anything. I was called after 30 minutes or so and was told the prescription was wrong and I had to come back to the doctor to redo it. With this pain and tears in my eyes I had to go back to see the doctor. Luckily he saw me straight away. He amended the prescription and I came back to pharmacy and had to wait in the queue again. This was true nightmare in real life. After getting the pain killer I went home and then straight to bed. The pain eased some hours later. I think it lasted for nearly 24 hours.

After that I started eating boiled food for some time but being told by doctors it is heartburn attack only I started taking some heartburn meds from time to time. This obviously didn't help at all and just made things worse depleting my stomach more of hydrochloric acid which is very bad for digestion especially for fat digestion.

Another 2 years went by. I didn't have much pain in this time but rashes on my skin, itching and bloating was coming and going. From time to time I also experienced this very smelly discharge coming from my mouth in the form of little gummy substance. The smell only lasted up to a minute. I usually rinsed my mouth with water after that and it was fine but I never knew why this is happening. 

In 2017 My wife and I moved out from London as we bought the house bit outside London. When we moved into the house it was all dotted with those electric fragrances/air fresheners. They were plugged literally in each room and foyer. We like them as they smelt nice - at least for some time. They were provided from developer from who we bought the house. If I only had known how bad they were  I would have thrown them away first thing.

Since staying in new house I started having more and more of the bile duct pain attacks. In 2018 I also started loosing a lot of weight.

Looking at this time from the distant perspective of my present state I also see how angry and stressed I was at this time. I had racing thoughts and wanted to do few things at the same time always. I also was very irritated by people in general by very trivial things and even by my family. It was very difficult to talk to me and have peaceful conversation. 

In 2018 August I went to A&E while having one of the attacks. I was told it's probably gallstones which was now closer to the core of the problem. I was told to come for ultra scan next day and they also did my liver function test. So at least in this hospital they were more familiar with the symptom that I was experiencing. 

I came next day to do the ultra scan and indeed they found gallstones. They then booked me for the procedure of removing my gallbladder. 

I had to wait for like a month or longer - this is obviously in public health care sector. I didn't have private medical insurance that time as I decided not to take it form work for that year. 

In the meantime the pains became more frequent and I started researching the gallstones issue online. I've read about the gallstones and liver flush and decided to do one. Some green discharge came out after doing the flush and I obviously thought these were gallstones so I was happy that I can get rid  of all them by doing subsequent flushes. I cancelled the cholecystectomy (gallbladder removal surgery) at the hospital. 

I also started getting interest in natural medicine that time and especially in functional medicine. I started believing in the idea that all problems start in the gut and I decided to do colonic therapy to clear my colon and intestines. During the first appointment the therapist have done coffee enema. This obviously killed my liver and I become yellow straight away. She saw my skin turning yellow straight away and was quite puzzled about it. She asked if I eat a lot of tumeric as this might be the reason for my yellow skin.

Oh my Lord!! I went home with that diagnosis and started decreasing my tumeric intake. That some day when I came back to work my work colleagues also noticed I look all yellow and joked I look like Bart Simpson :). 

I then booked my second colonic appointment and received the letter from hospital that the liver function test detected some abnormalities in my liver and they want to perform MRI scan. I was booked for the scan. I did it and then they wrote to me again that I suffer from stricture in CBD. In plain English it means my bile duct is narrow in some point so that is why I have all those pains.

They booked me to visit gastro specialist. By this time I was well yellow with jaundice well developed. 

The specialist saw me and decided he has to do gastroscopy procedure to see what's happening in the bile duct and remove the obstruction that is causing the jaundice. Just before that I did another gallbladder/liver flush and more green discharge came out. But I was still yellow.

The gastroscopy procedure lasted 2 hours or so and I was told it was unsuccessful as they couldn't get through the bile duct as it was too narrow. They said they have to repeat it.

I went home that day and had bit fatty meal in evening. In the night I woke up at 12 midnight with pain on my lower left. After around 20 minutes the pain increased to the point that I was paralysed completely. I could only lay down on the floor and crawl to the toilet to vomit. I have never had that strong pain in my life before. My wife has called for ambulance and it came after around 2 hours. They gave me oxygen and took me to the hospital where after an hour or so I was given morphine and the pain stopped after that. 

Next day I was told this was pancreatitis  caused by the gastroscopy procedure. They accidentally poked my pancreas with the instrument while trying to find out what is happening in the  bile duct.

This was the beginning of almost 3 month stay in the hospital. Doctors knew that they have to do something to start relieving the jaundice as my bilirubin levels were very high. They decided to do another procedure of inserting plastic tube through my liver to the bile duct and attaching it to the bag where bile was dripping. It wasn't painful but very inconvenient as nurse had to empty that bag few times a day and sometimes at night too.  All this time I couldn't eat much because my pancreas was not functioning well and I didn't have any stool too. After 2 weeks in this state I was transported to more specialist hospital where I spent over 1,5 month. In that hospital I was expecting more advanced care to quicker come back to health. However this wasn't the case. They pretty much waited for my jaundice to go down before releasing me home. However it would have helped if they put me on non fat, non protein diet but instead they advised me to eat all - actually to eat as much as I can to regain the body mass and strengthen my body sooner. So I was doing it and this had only detrimental effect on my healing. I wasn't getting any stronger, I still had pancreas pains sometimes and fevers that were the result of inflammation in my ducts that were obviously treated with antibiotics. One afternoon when I was close to be discharged the bile started leaking from the wound where the plastic tube was entering my body. My entire bedsheet was yellow and I noticed when I felt something was wet on my back. The nurse came and advised the bag must have been closed wrongly and started leaking. Dear Lord if I only knew that time what really is causing the jaundice.

After few days I was allowed to go home with the bag attached to the tube hanging off my liver and was told how to protect it when I shower, etc. I was extremely happy that I could now stay home and heal.

It wasn't even 24 hours since I came back home and the next day in the morning I felt something wet on the side where the bag was attached to my body. The wound started leaking with the bile again. I was alone at home, my wife was in the city so I wrapped the bag and wound with the cling film and called the cab to take me to A&E. In A&E after few hours they determined I need to come back to the specialist hospital again. The same night the transported me there. I was totally down. I stopped believing anyone is able to help me. I didn't know what the problem really is and how to heal it. Doctors decided to put the plastic stent in my bile duct so the bile can flow the normal way and jaundice can clear faster. After a week or so I was booked for another procedure which was bit painful and they took out the wire and the bag from my liver/bile duct and replaced it with the stent. They also took some biopsies from my bile duct that time. Biopsies took 3 weeks to analyse but no issues were detected either. 

They again discharged me home after few days without any advice on diet. By this time I regained my appetite and was very keen on eating things that I had before. My wife and her mum (who is retired nurse) were saying I should be on boiled, very light food diet. However I so wanted to eat something home cooked. 

That first week after coming back from the hospital my wife cooked various food mostly with decent amount of fat and protein. On Friday that week I worked remotely from home and at about 3PM I started feeling chills and then fever. I laid down in the bed and started shivering a lot. My wife asked me what's wrong. I wasn't really sure and we decided for call the hospital. They advised to go to A&E. So we did and found out that the stent must have gotten blocked. Again I was given antibiotics to treat the infection and I remained in the hospital waiting for the bed at the specialist hospital. The doctors plan was to remove the stent and replace it with metal stent which is bigger in size but bit harder to remove later. By the way those biliary stents are not permanent. They have to be removed after some time. Metal stents are more stable and can stay inside longer. 

This was the time around Christmas so hospitals were full. In the end I didn't get the bed in the specialist hospital and was discharged home for Christmas. I was told I will be booked for the stent replacement procedure in January next year so I don't have to stay in the hospital waiting for it. 

From this time I clearly understood that fatty diet triggers the pain and worsens the problem. If I only knew that time that high protein also has the same effect it would cut my suffering much earlier. 

So I ate only boiled veggies and rice since coming back from hospital for the third time. No doctor nor nutritionist in the hospital mentioned anything to me regarding the diet although I asked. They said bile has to flow anyway so it doesn't matter what you eat. If they only had technology to detect what's really going on and to find the toxins and possible virus that is causing the infections and narrowing of my bile duct I would start recovering much earlier. But unfortunately this wasn't the case.

In January 2019 next year I went to the specialist hospital for stent replacement procedure with huge fear in my head not to get pancreas infected again. This is actually one of the consents you need to sign before the procedure that it is possible side effect. Luckily the procedure went very well and I now had metal, more stable stent in my bile duct.

Since that time I started recovering. I however was very thin - I lost a lot of weight since the first hospital visit. I felt better and continued eating plain, boiled food. However I had terrible itching on all over my body, especially on my chest and shins. I was told this is due to jaundice clearing. I was going for regular blood tests that looked better and better.

However in March I contracted folliculitis again on my shins. It was very painful and I obviously went to my GP and asked what is causing this? It was for sure caused by sluggish liver and toxicity but I was told it's because I scratch my itchy shins which I wasn't doing at all.

Again I was given antibiotics which strangely didn't get rid of the infection. So I saw the GP again and was prescribed stronger antibiotic which eventually cleared the folliculitis infection.

By this time my intestines and liver were absolutely destroyed by the amount and frequency of antibiotics I had to swallow or be injected with in the hospital. I started having bloating and occasional stomach crumps. I thought it's mostly due to my boiled veggie diet. So I started digging and researching the subject and this is how I came across the natural medicine world. I started very deeply believe in all functional medicine concepts and healing and the idea that all diseases start in the gut. I started researching FM practitioners and had short conversations with some doctors and nutritionists about my condition. They were adamant that it is gut health related. In the end I decided to stat therapy with nutritionist who worked hand in hand in FM doctor and was following functional medicine herself.

Before I saw her I had the stent taken out and was told that my bile duct looks ok and bile flows fine. So I thought I am fine now and just need to resolve my gut issues. 

I was recommended very comprehensive, expensive stool test by the FM nutritionist. I did it and then had my appointment with her.

The test detected that I am missing short fatty acids, I have almost no of presence of Lactobacillus good bacteria in my gut and few other issues were detected too. The nutritionist recommended FODMAP diet - based on plants as I was still vegan that time and she advised to eat a lot of protein, she didn't say much about fats, basically advised to eat all except troublemaker foods, like corn, gluten, diary and eggs, beef, pork, seafood, soy, peanuts and refined sugars including honey. All those foods except gluten  I wasn't eating anyway but these are virus feeding foods so that's good call. However I was told to eat all vegan diary (yoghurts, kefirs, etc) oils and vegan meat. 

This eating plan meant to last for 3 month and I was also advised to take lots of different supplements. After that appointment I went to supermarket and bought some nuts and dates bars (containing quite lot of fat) as it was lunch time. I had it on the train and when I came home I had this familiar pain in my gallbladder, liver, bile duct area. I thought this must be gallstones pain and after going through this 3 month program I will be free from this entirely. The beginning was pretty good I felt better but then I increased fats intake in my diet - yoghurts, different type of oils - mostly coconut and olive oil, avocados and avocado oil. I started having strong pains again and chills that turned into fever- in the same area of the body - liver/gallbladder, bile duct. However the pain was moving sometimes to the left that felt like heartache but it was spleen. This is quite common with liver and toxic heavy metals issues as lymphatic system is having issue clearing due to high fat and protein (that contains fat as well) that was clogging up lymphatic vessels in my case. This is the information that I found in Medical Medium books. One time of such pain I fainted for few seconds as well. I told nutritionist about it. She advised to decrease the fat in the diet and if the problem persist to go the hospital. I decreased the oil intake but didn't eliminate it entirely nor other fats. I also still wasn't getting much weight back what was explained by the nutritionist happening because of low fat and protein in my diet. 

I also have private medical insurance from my work so I decided to see gastro specialist there as well to the have the second opinion. The gastro specialist in private medical sector lighted up a bit of hope in my head as one of the blood tests she sent me for detected higher levels of IgG4 what she said indicates autoimmune problem or some sort of inflammation. This was quite close to the truth as virus was causing the body to fight, keeping the inflammation up and there was an element of autoimmune liver as I found out later from Anthony William's books. However this thread wasn't drilled deeper. Instead the specialist concentrated on the bloating issues that I had and did colonoscopy procedure on me that obviously found nothing wrong. 

I also started looking at things like meditation, tai chi, yoga, tapping. I needed to calm down my temper, stress levels and find something to manage the pain when it comes. All those things were helpful, especially tapping (from Nick Ortner - Tapping Solutions) but none of them was really to help me fully recover. I also was in deep conflict with my family because of willingness to try the functional medicine. None of my family members (except my wife) believed this is good idea. They considered natural medicine something of hocus-pocus idea that never helped anyone. I had very strong arguments about it with my mum and my sister as none of the reasonable arguments appeared to convince them to my ideas. It wasn't obviously helping with my healing at all. As I had this conflict in the back of my head all the time. 

In October 2019 on one day I had very strong pain and decided to go to the hospital. While I was speaking to the receptionist I fainted and fell on the floor. I regained the consciousness after few seconds and reception staff picked me up and walked me to the doctors rooms. I had fever and they put me straight away on antibiotic to fight the infection. They knew it was related to my bile duct narrowing as they had the history of my issue in the hospital. I had to stop the functional medicine program and was desperate to get out from the hospital as I really didn't want to be there any more. They kept me in the hospital for 6 days until the condition improved and antibiotic course ended. When they were discharging me it was first time the doctor said to me he would recommend low fat diet. They also referred me to the doctor who treated me in the other specialist hospital. I meant to see him shortly. I still believed in functional medicine after all of that and as I agreed with the nutritionist I continued on the 3 month program. I had another 1,5 month left. I continued to search for answers and root cause of my illness using functional medicine information. I attended hundreds of summits and read pages of info on the Internet. The best I could find is that it may be related to parasites and of course further gut issues. I had a feeling however that this is viral. I started thinking I maybe contracted the virus while traveling and I did lots of traveling through my 20ties and 30ties. Doctors discredited this theory.

I then saw the gastro specialist from the other hospital. I asked him what he thinks is the reason for all of this and why the pain is now on my left. He had no clue and said normally people heal from this condition with the stent. He said he has to do further investigation of the bile duct area with the microscopic camera giving the view of my bile duct. I was referred to another hospital for this procedure.

In the meantime one of my friend made me aware of something called bioresonance. These are machines that work using the energy that the body produces and discharges. Based on that they are able to identify issues in your body and possible root causes. I was very excited hearing this from my friend and immediately started looking for specialists in my area who use those machines and perform the tests.

I found naturopath who was in the business for long time and used bioresonance to identify and heal the health issues. I booked the appointment with her. I was mind blown after seeing her and her diagnosis and it made me feeling better straight away. The level of detail that machines goes to is really amazing and very reassuring that it helps to find the root cause. Even though she didn't actually find the root cause for my condition. However she said I can't not to eat fats at all and she recommended me ox bile and soy lecithin to help with fat digestion. She also suggested some food sensitivities and lots of emotional issues from my past came out in the appointment. So I thought even though I still don't have definite answers I can live with this eating 'my well needed' fats and resolve my emotional issues what will be helpful generally for my well being too.

Again the beginnings were good and I started eating more fats again thinking that ox bile is doing its job (you need to read about ox bile in Anthony William's 'Liver Rescue' book). I also started working on resolving the emotional issues. 

After that I went to the hospital for the test that the gastro specialist recommended. One of the tests was not successful as the equipment was faulty however the camera test worked. They again took biopsies from my bile duct. As I found out later, they didn't find any problems just slight inflammation. 

So I didn't have big pains like before since the last hospital and naturopath visit.

I then travelled to India to my wife's family for Christmas break. In India I didn't eat much fat but I had 2 small pains. I kept taking ox bile and other supplements that I thought are doing well for my body like some liver support, mix of medicinal mushrooms, curcumin and I still was finishing functional medicine program - taking some probiotic. In India however I started putting on weight and finally looking much better. The food quality in India is so much better than in UK and I stayed with my wife's parents where the food is mostly grown in their garden, fully organic. 

In India my wife's family recommended I see the homeopathic doctor that helped my wife's Godfather and sister to recover from their issues. 

I had nothing else to loose so I decided to do it. The doctor was kind however she didn't exactly know what is if the root cause of my issue. She pointed towards the liver which was quite true however she probably didn't know how to get rid of the virus and toxins that were the main reason for my issue. She prescribed me the course of 6 month medicines and advised to eat clean (however nothing about fat and protein). She asked me to decrease other supplements I was taking as they may interfere with homeopathic medicines. 

I came back to UK in quite good shape and was rather sure I am on the last mile of my recovery now.

However after 3 weeks or so I lost the weight again and the pains started later too as I started eating more fat again. I kept taking homeopathic medicines and told the doctor about the pains. She advised to take more medicines and change the pattern a bit. I did this and also watched the fat in the diet.

I was very sad and desperate at that point. I was really stuck. I still had bit of hope for homeopathic medicines to eventually help but this wasn't happening. I went for another ultra scan and they said the ducts are blocked and lot of sludge is there. Why do they not investigte this sludge? 

 I truly didn't know what else to do. I didn't even wanted to go to GP again or gastro specialists as I felt they don't really know what to do and I thought it's a waist of time. I was really afraid of food at this point as I was really confused what is triggering the pain eventually.  Sometimes it was even starting after having too much water. I never knew what is right amount of food and drink to have. I wanted to enjoy the food as I always have had before but this just wasn't possible. That food fear was in the back of my head before each meal.

One day I was cleaning around the house and I found this book that I bought some time ago titled 'Medical Medium' that I meant to read but never got to it for months. I remembered that is written by Anthony William - the celery juice guy. I saw interview with him once but never believed that celery juice and something that has not much science backing can actually work.

I was very sceptic at the beginning and didn't have much hope for any miraculous healing information but I was also ready for something new that I have never tried before. So my hope for full healing was still there. 

I started reading the book and as I said at the beginning, just after few chapters I started understanding what my health problem is. I realised that I suffer from EBV infection possibly and toxic heavy metals.  No doctor nor natural medicine practitioner ever mentioned this. The dots started joining and matching each other. I couldn't stop reading although some parts of the book didn't relate to my condition. At the end of the book there is chapter dedicated to healing tools and methods. One of the suggestions is to do 28 day cleanse. This is based on celery juice and eating raw food only and lowering the fat intake. I started it immediately and also ordered another of Anthony's books - 'Liver Rescue'. In 'Medical Medium' there is also advise on spiritual healing that assist your physical healing with information on how to call Angels for help as well as good meditations. I got to this deeply as well. 

Just after 2 weeks of the 28 days cleanse I felt significantly better especially on the energy level. All my issues like shins itching, lots of mucus after eating, constant runny nose, sinus issues decreased a lot. The first two weeks I ate bit of avocado with some of my meals and for the next 14 days I decided to go fat free 100%. I started having bit of symptoms in the second part of the cleanse but this was actually good as toxins were coming out and virus was dying releasing toxins too. It wasn't however anything that couldn't be tolerated and I still felt good and strong. I had 1 episode of pain in my bile duct area but it wasn't anything as strong as before. I knew however that I am doing the right thing now and any symptoms or pain are just the effect of my body clearing and healing.

The 'Liver Rescue' book was delivered and I while doing the 28 days cleanse  I started reading it. This book was even better than the first one as it has more information related to my condition. I absolutely loved that book. It has more detailed info on taking supplements and even though my specific condition is not mentioned there it falls under the category of autoimmune and all healing related to autoimmune is what I needed to do. Also healing related to gallstones and jaundice is what I was interested in. There is mention in the book about celery juice having positive effect on expanding bile duct so I was 100% sure now I am on the right track. 'Liver Rescue' talks about 3:6:9 cleanse which is the best and primary method to heal the liver. After finishing the book and arming myself with good, recommended supplements I started 3:6:9. I even took days off work to do it right way as it was first time I was doing it. 

The cleanse lasts 9 days. This cleanse is absolutely beautiful as it is based only on food and is adjusted to the liver's natural rhythms and its way of clearing. More toxins came out of me and my stool after the cleanse was perfect colour and consistence.

I decided to repeat the cleanse very soon and I bought Anthony's latest book - 'Cleanse to Heal'. This books is absolute gem as it is based mostly on the the concept of toxins, viruses and how to kill them by cleansing. The 3:6:9 cleanse is there in 3 forms - simplified, original and advanced. The book contains other type of cleanses as well, has hundreds of conditions described with their root causes and supplements list to help healing them including exact dosages. It also describes healing foods and has plenty of recipes to follow that help with healing. It is upgraded version of 'Liver Rescue' with more advanced technics to get your life back. It also talks about emotional and spiritual healing that is integral part of any healing.

The second 3:6:9 cleanse I've done was following the guidelines from 'Cleanse to Heal'. It isn't much different than what's described in 'Liver Rescue' - just with few more tweaks. 

After this cleanse more and more bad stuff came out of me and I felt better than after the first one. Something internally  felt things are turning for better and my body has the right fuel now to fight the pathogens. I also felt better mentally, my mind was much calmer although for this I also do meditation on regular basis. The mediations are all from AW books and podcasts.

After 3 weeks from ending the second cleanse I did the third one and then I decided to jump on toxic heavy metal cleanse which I am doing it still right now. I just passed the middle of it. The cleanse has to be done for 3 month to see the real effects, can be extended to 6 month if needed. This cleanse is incredibly simple and it's based on medical medium toxic heavy metals detox smoothie. With this cleanse I am getting new powers everyday. My mental clarity and memory is improving incredibly. I had bit of itching on my shins and lower parts of legs for a day or two - 2 or 3 times during the cleanse but this wasn't anything like before. I have this feeling that my body is just doing its job of starving and killing pathogens. At the beginning of the cleanse (actually even years before I had my health issues) and after I started following Medical Medium protocols - sometimes I had this strange sensation in my chest, like bit of burning and feeling that something is pushing through - after eating fruits, honey or drinking the heavy metal detox smoothie. However I knew those things are not something that may cause problems so it was just the fruit power at work, doing the cleansing.

I haven't had any pains since probably last 6 month. I am not afraid of eating anymore and I look forward with huge hope and certainty into the future and leading the lifestyle based on being free from viruses and pathogenic bacteria. I feel my spirit is high again as it was when I was much younger, work is going so much better, my relations with other people and friends, my wife and family are so much better now and some people are taking my advice to get MM books and find out about root causes of their issues (even my mum :) ).  I haven't done the scans yet for gallstones nor bile duct narrowing but I will get this done as soon as as the pandemic situation is more under control. 

However this is not the end. As you can read above I was detoxing quite intesively as my body needed it. Neverless I think at some point it was too much and my body could have been pushed too far. As I read later in Anthony William's book 'Celery Juice' juicing celery with leafs is speeding up the detox. Perhasp this is where I went wrong as I was juicing celery for almost 6 month with leafs - lots of them. I also overate my meals sometimes. 

In the last week of the heavy metal detox cleanse I had terrible pain (in the spleen area) which then came back around every two weeks. You can imagine my dismay and dispair  in that time. After so much success and being sure I found the holy grail the ilness started manifesting again. I was thikning that this is not possible, my only hope for healing was fading away? I simply didn't belive that. All this time also I was on very low fat diet with some continous weeks of no fat at all. 

I went to GP and asked for tests for Hep virus and EBV. She didn't want to do EBV test but based on the spleen pain she ordered Hep A, B and C tests. Also liver tests were done and showed elevated liver enzymes which I then read in Anthony William's book 'Liver Rescue' is a guessing game. Generally elevated liver enzymes mean that either liver is letting other organs know that something is not right or the pathogen escaped the liver and liver is chasing it. Hep tests didn't detect anything neither but again as explained in 'Liver Resuce' this is all guessing game as doctors are testing blood not liver for the presence of the virus.

I re-grouped my healing I re-read Anthony's books and chapters related to my symptoms and I knew for sure I don't do anything wrong with the celery juice or the cleanses only that maybe it was bit too much what caused maybe too much adrenaline being produced. With adrenaline already present in my liver from the past it could have been over the top. I started removing leafs from celery before juicing it, split the amount of celery juice I drink on 2 daily portions, decreased the fat more (although I wasn't eating a lot, for the first 1,5 month dropping the fat entirely), decreased the lemon water amount to half (I was drinking 16oz 2 times a day), keep doing fat free mornings and based on the pain I concluded that I must suffer from Hep virus which is obviously casued by EBV.  I also started taking some specific suplements recomended by Anthony for Hep and autoimmune liver infection. With time I started to increse the amount of lemon water I drink until I get to 16oz again. This all could be the healing reaction as well where 3 steps forward are taken and 2 steps back occur. Healing is never linear and is different for all people. Important thing is to remember the amount of healing you've done so far and issuses/symptoms that you left behind (if you suffer from multiple of them). You are always 1 or more steps ahead in your healing. To get lifetime of toxins from your body may create unpleasant reactions sometimes. That all was around 5 month ago and day by day things are slowly coming back to normal. 

So the lesson learnt from this is to take it easy, don't push your body to do too much. Let it work and heal you in its natural rythm. 

Now I am planning also the career change to become health coach. Life is just back to natural good rhythms like it was when I was in my twenties or early thirties. Even with Corona virus I am not that much worried about life and future because I know I have the answers now. I feel strong need to spread this good knowledge about Anthony William's true healing information and I feel I have the power to help other people and make this world better place to live. 

The natural health practitioners that that I mentioned above who didn't help me fully are still appreciated. This is because I am grateful to them for their good heart and will to get me out of the depth of the illness. If not for them I would probably never gone through this beautiful experience of healing and know the truth about true recovery and disease root cause. 

They are good practitioners that deserve recognition and knowing the truth. I still stay in touch with them and drop them some useful info from time to time. 

However with all the respect to those practitioners and others that I feature here on my website I think Anthony William (and the Spirit) are the ultimate healers and others need their help and knowledge to be fully successful in healing their patients. 

I hope you will discover your way to healing if you suffer from any condition and if you are not - read those Anthony William books too because it will help you to keep yourself in good shape, know the truth about the workings of human body, soul and spirit and you may need this knowledge for your loved ones if they fall sick.

With love, compassion and health,


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