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Naturopathy is similar to functional medicine in the sense that it concentrates on finding and healing the root cause of the disease instead of just managing the symptom. Naturopathy however uses wide array of tools to deal with the patient. These include: Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Hydrotherapy, Physical Manipulations, Colonic Irrigation, Fasting, Exercise and others.

You can find out more by visiting Association of Naturopathic Practitioners: You can also find the therapist closest to you on that website. 

Other useful website is In here you can search based on the therapy you need. Most naturopath are certified and practice several therapies. 

Embracing Health

Kara is naturopathic practitioner that I personally had experience working with. I booked the appointment with her to primarily do the bio-resonance session as after a year of struggle and thinking that my bile duct narrowing was healed by the stent I had the re-occurrence of the condition however I still didn't know the reason why it happens. 

The Bio-resonance machine (Asyra) is an amazing tool that can answer all your questions and discover all your health issue and suggest the solution. I wonder why this still hasn't made its way to the GP rooms?. This is absolutely revolutionary device that is using your own energy to look for imbalances and to identify issues you have or you are in danger of. If you want to find out more visit this website:

Kara is tremendous mountain of knowledge and experience. She truly is passionate about healing and finding the root cause. She will listen to you and identify not only physical problems inside your body but also spiritual, energy imbalances, traumas and suppressed old feelings from your past that accumulate in your organism anyway and very often contribute great deal to your disease. 

This appears to be the case with my condition and I would never thought of this haven't I met Kara. She is highly recommended by myself and you can also read many positive testimonials and find more about her work on her website:

Kara Mia Vernon


Dr. Daniel Nuzum features in many documentary series about FM. I first saw interviews with him in the 'Truth about Cancer' series created by Ty and Charlene Bollinger (I will write shortly about them later on this website). He is highly and multi discipline educated. He comes from the family where his parents favored natural healing and they adopted 32 kids - Daniel being the only biological child. He specializes in creating natural products that boost your body basic and advanced functions, especially fulvic acid - the compound being very much depleted in today's food that is crucial for nutrition absorption and detoxification. Best to have a read about dr. Nuzum, his work, products and healing

methods on his website: .Again you can work with him either in his clinic or remotely.

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