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As a note of caution please be advised I am not medical professional and I am not suggesting nor recommending any of the below described treatments nor services. This website is simply to collect the information on natural medicine professionals, bloggers, treatments and diet and leave the choice to the reader (yourself). Each organism and condition may be different so what works for one person may not be good for another. The information found on this website may help you to figure out your own issue and remedy. However if you suffer from something more serious and your symptoms are stronger and in-explainable - then find the medical professional you can work with on your problem. It may be natural medicine professional, conventional medicine person or both. In any case you can use infomration provided by Anthony William - Medical Medium as this is in my opnion the only reliable medical information in the world currently. It is recommeded to take it to your doctor and work with him/her using that info. 


Longevity Secrets

Human Longevity project is an amazing series about primarily the healthiest and longest living people in the world. It's looking strongly into healthy eating and natural medicine. Each series contains also interviews with centenaries or up to 100 years old people from different parts of the world - mostly people living in world's so called blue zones: Okinawa (Japan), Sardinia (Italy), Nicoya (Costa Rica), Icaria (Greece) and Loma Linda (US, California). All of those people share their longevity secrets, not only food wise but also life, community living, brain health, stress management, etc. These are all very important aspects of natural medicine. 

As I am writing this the series is still free on reply but I don't know how long is this going to last: If it's not free you will be able to buy the packages that contain not only the series but also access to Q&As and health solutions.

It is truly fabulous series and you will learn great deal from it, not only about healthy eating but also how to live your life in most simple, natural way that will most probably prolong your life and let you stay healthy till the end of your days.  

However please note the series contains some reference to the theory that all dicease and health issue start in the gut as well as mistekn autoimmune theory. It implies that gut healing is the key to full recovery. This is not true and it is not the root casue of chronic decease. Please refer to Medical Medium info for true answers. 

Here you can see highlights of each episode - click on the picture of the episode:

You can create your  account on the website and sign up for newsletter:

In the end here are the top 8 secrets of the world's healthiest, longest-living populations


Food Matters TV

Transcendence by Food Matters TV is another mind blowing documentary circulating around the concept of natural medicine, breaking limits of human abilities, healing by the power of mind, life choices and food. FM TV is run by James and Laurentine Colquhoun. 

At the time of writing this column the series is being broadcast live. Already 3 episodes have been aired and of course when it finishes you can buy the package:

Check it out here:



Transcendence casts many natural medicine professionals seen already in other documentaries (like Human Longevity project) as well as celebrities like Novak Djokovic (who tells his story of how he became the best tennis player in the world by changing his diet and life choices), Wim Hof (who breaks the limits of human body abilities by using his mind) or Chris Wark (who beat the cancer).



FMTV also offers masterclasses, food recipes, experts advice, yoga end exercise, guided programs. This is all based on positive changes in your life choices and food and applying what natural medicine suggestions. Have a look here:



I found those 7 healthy daily habits I got from FMTV to have very healing effect on my life:



You can subscribe to FMTV here: This will give you access to everything they offer. Annual plan will cost you £75. 

As above please be minded of the mistaken theory present in the series that the gut issues are the source of all decease and the mistaken autoimmune theory. As above please refer to Medical Medium - Anthony WIlliam for the accurate information - books, Apple podcast, YouTube channel. 


Defeating 3 main plagues of today's world

This unique docuseries presented by Michael Beattie and Trevor King is all about interviewing multiple experts form various natural medicine and science disciplines as well as natural health bloggers and professionals. It uncovers as well all the mysteries and plots surrounding food and drink industry - explaining why humanity is kept in the dark about the food and water production and why it is profitable to make sure the majority of the population is thrown into sick state.

Such documentaries are essential part of the natural medicine trend and discipline.

Watch it here: 

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