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Smarter is stronger - 'less inflammation in + more inflammation out = healthier you'

Smarter Nutrition is a company that sells supplements and popularizes health supported by clean, natural remedies and diet. 'Less inflammation in + more inflammation out equals healthier you' is the mantra created by Smarter Nutrition's face - dr. Nancy Lin, PhD and holistic nutritionist. Dr. Nancy releases videos every few days on various health topics. She believes in healing by healthy diet and natural remedies, like curcumin which is Smarter Nutrition's flagship product. This is dr.Nancy's recipe in short overview. She propagates Mediterranean diet, exercise including yoga, gardening and all sorts of healthy foods and activities that help to decrease inflammation. I am sure you can work with dr.Nancy on your health issues -  if you contact her by her website - 

Sign up for newsletter from Smarter Nutrition or simply read the blog:

I first heard about Smarter Nutrition from my colonic therapist who recommended Smarter Curcumin to me as a way to strengthen my immune system. At the beginning I was skeptical because there a lot of curcumin products in UK. However no one in UK does this the same way and has greater effectiveness than what SN produces. All their products - probiotic, digestive enzymes, vitamin D3 and smarter sleep characterize by very high quality and purity of ingredients. I take smarter curcumin for last 6 month and I must say it makes great difference to my immunity and recovery from bile duct narrowing. Full list of products is found on the front page:

There is a lot from Smarter Nutrition. Below are few examples:


6 steps to tackle brain fog:

Quality sleep:

Epsom salt:

Cooking with fat and oil:

DIY massage techniques:

High fat diets and gut health:

Apple cider vinegar

Natural gut health plan:


Food as medicine

Food revolution network is unique, visionary organisation run by John and Ocean Robbins. John is the son of the founder of Baskin-Robbins empire who walked away from all of this because his conscience emerged and he didn't want to sell ice cream that just makes everyone unhealthy. Ocean is his son who was born on the farm where John grows his own food. Ocean founded organisation called YES (Youth for Environmental Sanity) and he directed it for next 20 years before committing to Food Revolution network. Both John and Ocean are huge supporters of functional medicine and they promote healthy mostly plant based diets. 

Food Revolution Network is all about various aspects of food cultivating, eating, food science and food purity - food at its roots.





Every year John and Ocean organize Food Revolution summit where they interview functional medicine professionals, life style coaches and bloggers or other food revolutionists and aficionados. 

The broadcasts were free during the summit but you can buy the package now here.  

You can also either sign up for the newsletter ('join us' button from the website - and you will receive great articles every few days or  you can join the club (for yearly fee) and you will get access to the entire community.


Some examples of the articles I received from them so far:

8 supoerfoods to boost your brain

Foods to eat and avoid to fight autoimmune disease:

5 Common nutritional deficiencies:

Raw vs Cooked food

About peanut butter

What's in drinking water

On beans

Gut and microbiome



Longevity Secrets

Human Longevity project is an amazing series about primarily the healthiest and longest living people in the world. It's looking strongly into true healthy eating and functional medicine. Each series contains also interviews with centenaries or up to 100 years old people from different parts of the world - mostly people living in world's so called blue zones: Okinawa (Japan), Sardinia (Italy), Nicoya (Costa Rica), Icaria (Greece) and Loma Linda (US, California). All of those people share their longevity secrets, not only food wise but also life styles, community living, brain health, stress management, etc. These are all very important aspects of functional medicine. 

As I am writing this the series is still free on reply but I don't know how long is this going to last: If it's not free you will be able to buy the packages that contain not only the series but also access to Q&As and gut health solutions.

It is truly fabulous series and you will learn great deal from it, not only about healthy eating but also how to live your life in most simple, natural way that will most probably prolong your life and let you stay healthy till the end of your days.  

Here you can see highlights of each episode - click on the picture of the episode:

Recently the producers of this series released free webinar with microbiologist Kiran Krishnan who presents the same training he teaches to practitioners around the world on various functional health topics like: autoimmune, microbiome and gut health, brain health, spirituality, sleep, detox:

You can create your  account on the website and sign up for newsletter:

In the end here are the top 8 secrets of the world's healthiest, longest-living populations


Food Matters TV

Transcendence by Food Matters TV is another mind blowing documentary circulating around the concept of functional medicine, breaking limits of human abilities, healing by the power of mind, lifestyle and food. FM TV is run by James and Laurentine Colquhoun. 

At the time of writing this column the series is being broadcast live. Already 3 episodes have been aired and of course when it finishes you can buy the package:

Check it out here:



Transcendence casts many FM professionals seen already in other documentaries (Autoimmune Secrets, Remedy, Human Longevity project, Interconnected) as well as celebrities like Novak Djokovic (who tells his story of how he became the best tennis player in the world by changing his diet and lifestyle), Wim Hof (who breaks the limits of human body abilities by using his mind) or Chris Wark who beat the cancer).



FMTV also offers masterclasses, food recipes, experts advice, yoga end exercise, guided programs. This is all based on positive changes in your lifestyle and food and applying what functional medicine follows. Have a look here:



I found those 7 healthy daily habits I got from FMTV to have very healing effect on my life:



You can subscribe to FMTV here: This will give you access to everything they offer. Annual plan will cost you £75. 

Ty and Charlene Bollinger

The Truth About Cancer

Ty and Charlene Bollinger definitely deserve their own column here due to their contribution to the functional medicine and natural way of healing.

They mostly circulate around cancer treatment and prevention but at the same time they provide valuable information on nutrition, vaccine safety and they sell great supplemental products.

This is their website:

Ty lost few members of his family to cancer and this made him to create 'The Truth About Cancer' mission to spread different approach towards healing the cancer as well as give voice and defend some of the persecuted doctors like Stanislaw Burzynski who have great success in treating cancer outside conventional medicine.

The Truth About Cancer was aired for free some time ago but now you can buy it from the website if you sign up for the membership:

Some of the great articles I received via newsletter from Ty and Charlene:

Fermented foods and cancer

5 Ayuverdic herbs



In the quest for the perfect supplement 

Organix is a company that strives in producing the best supplements. It operates in the field of natural, healthy foods and products adding a lot to the functional medicine healing process -

I mention them here as their formulas are very unique on the market and combine the best organic ingredients to create most powerful supplements. 

They also are source of very good literature on food and specific health conditions. It is worth signing up to their newsletter to receive articles  like the ones below:

Recipe for vegan gluten-free, zucchini oatmeal

Tumeric and black pepper

'Disordered' relation with food

All you need to know about red wine


Defeating 3 main plagues of today's world

This unique docuseries presented by Michael Beattie and Trevor King is all about interviewing multiple experts form various natural medicine and science disciplines as well as natural health bloggers and professionals. It uncovers as well all the mysteries and plots surrounding food and drink industry - explaining why humanity is kept in the dark about the food and water production and why it is profitable to make sure the majority of the population is thrown into sick state.

Such documentaries are essential part of the functional medicine trend and discipline.

Watch it here: 


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