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"Empowerment is more than a word. It's more than an understanding of confidence. It's the mortar between the bricks of a person's sense of value here in life on earth. When it's used for good, when it's healthy and positive, it's crucial to shaping goals, aspirations and human life and sending us in a direction that only betters humanity"

- Anthony William, Medical Medium

"You have the right to heal. You deserve to feel strong and productive and to experience your body as a precious vehicle that can carry you through life with ease"

- Anthony William, Medical Medium

"Strangely, life gets harder when you try to make it easy. Exercising might be hard, but never moving makes life harder.  Uncomfortable conversations are hard, but avoiding every conflict is harder. Mastering your craft is hard, but having no skills is harder. Easy has a cost."


"Always come back to this truth. You are allowed to live a good life. You deserve to live a good life. A good life exists for you. And the foundation of a good life is good health. You deserve  to heal, to tap into your body's restorative mechanisms. You deserve to be happy and well"

- Anthony William, Medical Medium

Health Coaching

Epidemic of chronic disease (including neurological issues like anxiety and depression) is hitting us from every angle. Viruses like Epstein-Barr are wrecking havoc across the population causing illness that is either mystery or classified as incurable. Doctors most of the time don't have time to focus on finding the root cause and they hold on to what they know so far. Neither conventional nor natural medicine is truly aware of what's causing the disease and how to heal or prevent it. There is so much confusion and contradicting trends that fight against each other in the medical industry. 

My health coaching based on Anthony William (Medical Medium) teachings is clearing the sea of confusion and helps you to figure out your best way forward. Healing is not linear. It is mostly three steps forward, two steps back but as long as you are one step ahead you are making progress. It may take some time or your body may work quick. It all depends on how much toxins you have to deal with. 


Life Coaching

Life throws us in different directions, we loose faith. We need to navigate through labyrinths of options, possibilities and make choices. Sometimes we loose that ability to distinguish between good and bad, we loose the motivation or we need someone to put us back on the right track. Negativity, self-talk and confidence issues. Recovery from difficult life situations and traumas. We carry maps in our heads but often we navigate in New York using the map of Paris. This obviously won't work. We have our values and beliefs and we want to act in accordance with them. However it is all in us, we got it. We just need to find it. My health  coaching is using questioning technics to help you find the right track, inspire you, discover your passion, develop expertise and be useful again.


Weight Management

Weight gain is surely one of the most common problems mass population is facing today. Especially in UK obesity is estimated to affect 1 in 4 people and 1 in every 5 children 10 to 11 as per the information from NHS.

With wrong foods being available everywhere and anytime plus lifestyles that are based on incorrect assumptions about the workings of the human body we are pretty much doomed to fail to obesity. With fat being the main contributing factor medical specialists and trainers often miss the crucial pieces of the puzzle and don't dig deep enough to discover what's really causing the weight gain (or loss in some cases). 

Armed with the information from Medical Medium I will help you loose the unnecessary KGs and help you discover what is truly behind your weight problems.


Stress Management

Stress is integral part of our lives today. However we definitely have to fight more of it now than in the past. Constant fight or flight state is not good for our bodies and well-being. The adrenal glands are getting strained to the maximum. We can however learn from stress too. Stress is a message that we are needed that we are dealing with things. 

Learn via my health coaching how to identify the reason for your stress, how to protect your body from adverse effects of stress and manage it effectively.


Body Building and Sport Performance Assistance

Body building and sport performance are one of the most misunderstood areas in the well-being. Body builders go in the circle of fighting fat and keeping up the muscles and sportsmen or sportswomen often get sick.

The theories of how to keep the high physical performance and your body fit and strong are just theories - without the solid backing. They are most of the time wrong at their basis. 

Get assistance on how to keep your body strong and supported by relevant diet and drinks to be able to build its strength and stay healthy at the same time. 

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Let's Work Together

I am working towards my certification in health coaching and UKHCA association. Having gone through the chronic illness myself made me much stronger and gave me understanding of what works and what doesn't. Health coaching is not a therapy. Health coaching helps you to use your past as as a learning experience to figure out your future and move forward. 

The sessions are £100 for 1.5h. If you can not afford it and need help please contact me for the customized fees. For the limited time the sessions are free. Please ignore the fee in the booking form and confirmation email. 

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